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1950 - Agnes worked as a writer on "Philco Playhouse,"

a live dramatic series of original stories and adaptations of novels, plays, etc.

Marries Robert H.A. Nixon at Saint Patrick's Cathedral

Agnes and Bob have four children in Cathy, Mary, Bobby & Emily

1951 - Agnes worked as a writer on "Somerset Maugham Theatre,"

a dramatic anthology that aired on CBS for one season and NBC for two seasons.

1952-1954 - Agnes worked as a writer on "Robert Montgomery Presents,"

a dramatic television series, produced by NBC from January 30, 1950 until June 24, 1957. Each show was introduced by the actor Robert Montgomery.

1957-1959 - Agnes wrote for "As the World Turns" (she was co-creator with Irna Phillips.)

ATWT debuted on Monday, April 2, 1955 and was set in the fictional town of Oakdale, Illinois. As the World Turns was the most-watched daytime drama from 1958 until 1978, with ten million viewers tuning in for the 15 minute serial each day.

"We of the One Life to Live and All My Children families are thrilled to bring our beloved viewers new, ongoing stories from Llanview and Pine Valley.

I'm overjoyed that so many actors you love have voiced their desire to bring their characters back to life.

I'm especially grateful to Prospect Park for deploying the power of you, our fans, to enable this exciting transition to dramatic production for the Internet. It's a historic moment, comparable to how life was changed when television took over for radio.

We hope this wonderful opportunity will be embraced by all as our creative teams gear up to bring our beloved serials back to our daily lives."

-Agnes Nixon
January 4, 2013