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January 5, 1970 - "All My Children,"

began as a half-hour soap opera on ABC. Ratings were disappointing (ranked 17 of 19 soaps on the air. ) Agnes was Executive Producer and Head Writer of AMC through 1981, and remained as Head Writer until 1985.

Summer, 1970 - "One Life to Live"

told an anti-drug storyline centering on wild child Cathy Craig. Cathy was the only daughter of widower and she resented her father's second marriage. Cathy rebelled by taking drugs, and spiralled into addiction. While on a bad acid trip, she murdered her drug dealer. Rather than go to jail, she was sent to Odyssey House, a NYC treatment center for drug-addicted youths. In an unusual move, Cathy's portrayer - actress Amy Levitt - was videotaped while sitting in on real-life therapy sessions at Odyssey House, which were then broadcast as OLTL episodes. (This merging of reality & daytime drama has never been repeated since.)

1972 - Agnes took on the anti-war movement.

"All My Children" was unique for its use of the Vietnam War. Before AMC debuted, no show, let alone daytime soap, had discussed the war in any depth. Phoebe, a conservative, and Amy, a free-spirited liberal, butted heads over the war, with Amy often leading protests around Pine Valley. When the character of Amy left, Ruth took over as the anti-war voice.

1973 - Agnes wrote daytime's first legal abortion by a major character,

in this case the inimitable Erica Kane (Susan Lucci). Abortion was controversial, even more so was Erica's reason for doing it. Her health wasn't in jeopardy, she simply didn't want to gain weight and lose her modeling job. The abortion story got much media attention, especially since Roe v. Wade had been decided just a few months before the story began airing. Erica developed a potentially fatal infection after having the abortion, and the switch-boards at ABC lit up with calls from doctors and nurses, offering their medical opinions on how best to treat the character's case. The controversy didn't hurt ratings, which increased by nearly a million viewers.

1974 - Eileen Letchworth, who played Margo Martin told Agnes she planned to have a facelift.

Agnes wrote it into the show and Margo's facelift was one of the first major storylines on television to dramatize cosmetic surgery and its psychological effects.

1975 - Agnes Nixon's company Creative Horizons sold "All My Children" to ABC in January.

1977 - "All My Children" expanded to an hour on April 25, 1977.

1978-79 - AMC was ranked number one in the Nielsen ratings, and 30% of the audience was male, which was highly unusual for a soap opera.

"We of the One Life to Live and All My Children families are thrilled to bring our beloved viewers new, ongoing stories from Llanview and Pine Valley.

I'm overjoyed that so many actors you love have voiced their desire to bring their characters back to life.

I'm especially grateful to Prospect Park for deploying the power of you, our fans, to enable this exciting transition to dramatic production for the Internet. It's a historic moment, comparable to how life was changed when television took over for radio.

We hope this wonderful opportunity will be embraced by all as our creative teams gear up to bring our beloved serials back to our daily lives."

-Agnes Nixon
January 4, 2013